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Highway and Railroad Bridges Across St. John’s River

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Wednesday 11/10 — Busy All Day.

It was my day off. I woke up at 6am to get ready and drive the 11-yr old to school (not nearby), come back home and get ready for a day full of doctors appointments for our baby girl. We … Continue reading

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TV Commercials From 1987

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Vacation From Work

I’m on a week vacation from work this week. Much needed and appreciated. We are staying home and getting things done around the house. There’s nothing I enjoy more than being home with my family. I think it’s super important … Continue reading

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For some reason, The Killers cancelled their St. Augustine concert that was supposed to happen tonight (10/1). I found out about the cancellation pretty quick, but we had good tickets and were really excited about going. #Bummer.

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The Killers @ St. Augustine Amphitheatre on October 1st.

I scored two tickets, thanks to my good buddy Jerry who never seems to miss a LIVE music show. The Killers are one of my favorite bands, and I only found out about the upcoming show the day before tickets … Continue reading

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1,800 Drones Form a Globe In The Sky Over Tokyo, Japan 2021 Olympic Opening Ceremony (Video)

This would’ve been awesome to see in person. I don’t even want to know what computer program someone used to choreograph these flying robots.

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Jason Isbell @ St. Augustine Ampitheatre on 7/11/2021

He is one of the best songwriters in the past 20 years, maybe one of the best songwriters ever. I got the chance to see him LIVE for the first time this past Sunday, thanks to my very awesome significant … Continue reading

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UFC 264 Poirier vs. McGregor 3 Trilogy

I’m was off work early-ish last Saturday night, and home in time to watch Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier 3. I fully expected Dustin Poirier to win, but I did not expect McGregor to break his leg like he did. … Continue reading

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Back at it years later..

I’ve had this domain ( for years, probably close to two decades. Once upon a time I had a cool blog and posted interesting things, weird videos, and old photos. I had a photo gallery of vintage collectables. Somehow I … Continue reading

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