Wednesday 11/10 — Busy All Day.

It was my day off. I woke up at 6am to get ready and drive the 11-yr old to school (not nearby), come back home and get ready for a day full of doctors appointments for our baby girl. We were at Wolfson for her 11:30am appointment even though they kept us in the waiting room until 12:15 when I went to the desk to let them know baby girl has another appointment at Nemours at 1:30pm. They got to us pretty quickly after that. Surprisingly, baby girl didn’t cry or complain the whole time in the waiting room. She was not happy with the medical procedures though, she screamed the entire time. My poor baby girl. After that we had to go to Nemours so her doctor could fill us in on the details. Fortunately, my baby girl is going to be fine! 🙂

When we got to Nemours, my wife and I were both super hungry and felt like we were starving. I left her and Baby Girl in the waiting room while I hauled ass to find a cafeteria and bring food back.  I ended up with a not-good grilled cheese sandwich for myself and a veggie wrap for my wife. I ate mine IN the doctors office before the doctor came in. She saved hers for the car. We finally left about 2:30pm

After that? I had to drive to the Beach Blvd Jax Humane Society to bail one of my dogs out of jail. He got locked up a few days ago and they called me to let me know they had him (He’s micro-chipped). He has always been an escape artist, and very athletic., good at jumping, running, digging. We left the Humane Society with Rocky in my front seat, and wife and baby in the back. Now we’ve gotta haul ass home before the 11-yr old gets off his school bus. We barely made it in time, and pick him up on his walk home while we still had Rocky in the car. They were happy to see each other and be reunited I think.

Got home about 4:15pm and my parents came by to see us and check on Baby Girl. They didn’t stay very long but it was nice to see them. We invited them to go with us to watch Aden’s Muay Thai class at 5pm but they had other places to go also. So, the wife, baby, Aden and myself also go to his Muay Thai class at 5pm, but after that we need to go grocery shopping so we’re at the store until 7pm…and all of us are hungry and tired.

Pizza is the cure.

Gotta work a 5am-6pm shift the next morning at my job. I can’t stay up too late, I want to go to sleep anyway, I’ve been wanting a nap all day. My day was hectic, but any time I get to spend with my family is a fun time and I’d rather do nothing else.

Long story short, I’ve had a long, busy few days. 



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